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I'm a SEAsian queer artist and witch from Pennsylvania, US just trying their best. My craft revolves around watercolour, pastels, kitchen magic, divination, and Anituo Reconstruction.

My life is dedicated to reaching a peak fainéant lifestyle by surrounding myself only with what is truly essential. Everything is a learning experience to observe and reimagine to achieve the bare minimum with the least amount of effort. All connections are grounded and are free from the pressure to mask; it takes much less effort to acknowledge someone's whole truth than to mold them to what they are not. My ancestors have done all the heavy work before me, so I listen to their whispers and let them guide my craft. When I am not shutting up the capitalistic Patriarchy and shattering generational curses, I am hiding under the kotatsu reading manga and trying a new tea recipe.

Right now I'm studying Business Administration before moving on to the next step in my grand plan towards a fainéant life. Other studies of interest include graphic design, anthropology, and mortuary science.

To see my full resume, you can reach me with any of the links or contact form provided here. And peek at some of the buttons I made at the cool links above.

I, the worst of all,

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Thanks! Message sent.

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